Triathlon Plus Gold Award for 2013 Giant Defy 4

2013 Giant Defy 4

Looking for a road bike that offers the perfect balance of performance and value?

Giant's 2013 Defy 4 just scooped the Triathlon Plus Gold Award in their January 2013 issue!

In the 'Swift Thrift' Bike Test, testers put 4 models head to head that 'can help you smash your personal best without breaking the bank' - perfect for getting into road riding, tackling your first triathlon or road race or even commuting to work every day or a bit of lightweight touring.

With tough competition from Felt Z95Merida Race Lite 900 and Genesis Volant 00 the Giant Defy would have a lot to prove. But with an AluxX aluminium frame designed and engineered in Giant's own production facilities giving an outstanding ride quality - it was the Giant that came out on top.

"The Giant accelerates well - it's the lightest here - and handles impeccably, giving the rider endless bounds of confidence."

Not only was the bike the lightest on test, Giant's wheels were also the lightest on test contributing to it's blistering acceleration, and coupled with comfortable but reponsive frame it's perfect for reducing fatigue when you are going long distance.

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