Photo of giant bike wheel

How the giant wheel was made...

Largest Cycle Bike Wheel

Day 1 - the wheel is designed and the sizes of materials and spokes are calculated to a three spoke cross over.

The materials are selected. The hub would be made from duralumin (a high grade aluminium) and the rim made from strips of bright mild steel.

Largest Cycle Bike Wheel

Day 2 - Six strips of steel where used for the inner rim and side wall, thirty six holes were drilled before each section was rolled and formed until perfectly round. The six sections were TIG welded together.

Day 3 - The rim was cleaned of all welding marks and sprayed with a primer and later a metallic silver colour.

Day 4 - The duralumin hub was turned on a lathe and eighteen holes were drilled each side at 20 degrees, offset by 10 degrees from one side to the other.

Day 5 - The spokes were cut to size, heads formed and threaded. Thirty-six nipples were made from brass on a lathe and threaded.

Bike Hub Croydon

Day 6 - Spokes were inserted in to the hub and screwed in to each hole of the rim with the threaded nipples. The wheel was then trued on a larger than usual wheel truing machine.

Day 7 - A replica tyre is added to finish the look of the wheel and it is complete.


Giant Cycle Bike Wheel

Don't they look proud! :)